Walker's Razor Slim Electronic Muffs Pink

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  Prix: $99,99
  Marque: Walker's
  Modèle: Razor
  Calibre: --
  Catégorie: Sans restrictions
  Type: Ear Protection

The Razor Slim electronic ear muffs feature an ultra-low profile compact design and are available in a variety of color options

Compact Electronic Hearing Protection

With its ultra-compact design, the Razor Slim electronic muffs offer superior hearing protection in a low-profile design.  Two hi-gain omnidirectional microphones pick up outside noise and broadcast it through full dynamic range HD speakers for an ultra-clear, balanced sound.  Sound activated compression has a blazing fast 0.002 second reaction time to ensure your hearing is always protected.  Available in a variety of color options, the Razor Slim electronic ear muffs are priced right and packed full of innovation.