Clenzoil Cobra Bore Cleaning System (Rifle/Pistol)

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  Prix: $17,99
  Marque: clenzoil
  Modèle: Cobra Bore Cleaning System
  Calibre: --
  Catégorie: Sans restrictions
  Type: Cleaning System

The Clenzoil® Cobra is a high quality bore cleaning system that incorporates all of the essential components of effective bore cleaning into one unique design. When used in conjunction with Clenzoil® Field & Range solution, the Clenzoil Cobra provides a quick and easy solution to regular firearm maintenance. Its integrated bronze brush effectively loosens fouling and lead, and the woven cotton braid that follows collects the debris. Completely washable, the Clenzoil Cobra can be reused over and over again.

17 Caliber, 22 Caliber / 5.56 mm, 243 Caliber, 25/26 Caliber / 6.55 mm, 27/28 Caliber / 7 mm, 30 Caliber / 7.62 mm, 338/340 Caliber,  38 Caliber / 9 mm, 40 Caliber, 44/45 Caliber, 12 Gauge, 20 Gauge