Tac Star Forend Grip, Remington 870

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  Prix: $54,99
  Marque: Tacstar
  Modèle: Remington 870
  Calibre: 12 Ga
  Catégorie: Sans restrictions
  Type: pump action shotgun

TacStar took a long, hard look at tactical shotgun grips, and then reengineered them totally. The result is the most rugged front and rear pistol grips TacStar has ever offered. These tough, one piece, reinforced polymer models also incorporate an advanced, finger groove, ergonomic design. By better fitting both of the shooters hands, these grips enhance control, operation and recoil reduction. Made in the USA, TacStar’s Tactical Shotgun Grips are easy to install.

  • Re-engineered one-piece construction for Remington and Mossberg series shotguns
  • Improved Ergonomic Grip to better fit the hand
  • One piece design guaranteed for strength and durability
  • Reinforced polymer construction
  • Made in USA