Uncle Mike's Holster Size 5

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  Price: $49.99
  Brand: Uncle Mike's
  Model: SideKick Vertical Shoulder Holster
  Caliber: --
  Category: Non Restricted
  Type: Holster

Superior weight distribution, along with ultra-snug firearm retention make our vertical shoulder holsters ideal for even the most active pursuits.

With a self-adjusting belt loop that keeps the holster close to your body, and a fully adjustable harness, this right-handed holster provides great freedom of movement whether worn inside or outside a jacket. The retention strap, along with the adjustable buckle and snap, will conform to the small-to-medium revolver that you prefer. With the offside tie-down anchors, you can additionally carry a speed loader or magazine case.

Sidekick Vertical Shoulder Holster Size 5 Right hand 

Fits : Beretta 92 & 96 Models; 1911 and variants