Black Creek Labs 102 .308Win 18.6” Non-Restricted

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  Price: $1499.99
  Brand: Black Creek labs
  Model: BCL 102
  Caliber: 308 Win
  Category: Non Restricted
  Type: Semi-automatic rifle

The 102 is a rifle designed as an entry level, semi-automatic .308 that can be used for hunting or target shooting and is classified as non-restricted in Canada.  Along with being affordable, versatile and “accessory compatible,” the non-restricted classification has made the 102 the best selling semi-automatic .308 rifle in Canada.

The 102 takes its heritage from the 102 Sporter, a rare Armalite rifle that was originally intended for civilian use.  Only 24 original 102 Sporters were made before the project was halted, but now, in honour of the first semi-automatic rifle intended specifically for civilian use in North America, Black Creek Labs brings you the BCL 102.

This rifle is sold as a no-frills option to allow firearm enthusiasts and hunters a way to purchase a .308 semi-auto at a reasonable rate.  With off-the-shelf ammunition,  the rifle can achieve 1.5 to 2 moa right out of the box, however this rifle was made to upgrade.  The 102 comes with a basic collapsable stock, a milspec trigger and a steel barrel made from nitrided 4150 and chambered in .308LR.  Replace the mil-spec trigger with a match grade drop-in, add a fixed stock and spend some time finding the right ammunition and the 102 will group under 1 inch at 100.